TV Season 2010/2011 Diary #6

Smallville 10×01 Lazarus
Why are fanboys unable to have a reasonably objective opinion on their subject? I wrote the following over at KryptonSite because they were all so overly ecstatic and gave that episode a 10/10. They would have given it 11 or more if they could have..

The only two things I really enjoyed where Clois interactions and Clark/Jonathan.

1) It would have been so easy to get one of the flying buddies Hawkman/MM to remove the Book of Rao. It’s just a tiny piece of continuity that wouldn’t have hurt at all.

2) Not the tiny-tiniest Chlark hug – which would have been so easy when she discovered that he’s alive. Just back to business as usual. They treat each other like co-workers in a cubicle office but not as best friends for years.

3) Lois’s discovery of the people who know: Aside from the fact that she doesn’t even know Pete (at least not on-screen), the selected articles give no hint towards the fact that they are in the know. Sure, she could deduce that Chloe and Lana know, but she doesn’t need the articles for that (especially not the one about a gunman! [Van McNulty]).

4) Clark’s superspeeds to cross, what, ten foot across a room? There has to be a better way to use his abilities in front of a hidden Lois.

5) Clark’s death grip. Lord Voldelex points out that Clark must always clean up his own mess. A fact that Clark himself admitted (6×02 Sneeze). So it would be totally in character for this Clark to agree and not get an angry outburst. That was totally OOC IMHO. As far as I remember Clark seeing red is a very rare occurrence and only when someone threatened his loved ones (1×09 Rogue, 4×12 Pariah, 9×10 Disciple).

6) Jor-El dissing Clark. For what, exactly? When has Clark ever been the poster boy for the Pride sin? (Except in 1×01 Pilot where he stacked the trucks. :D) I just hope this wasn’t really Jor-El (Who repaired the Fortress?).

Bones 6×01 The Mastodon in the Room
It was an OK episode. I’m glad they are all back together but I think they’ll need some time to get it flowing again. It was really tangible that the team broke apart.
I also think that it was a good idea that Booth returned because of his son and not his work as an FBI agent. I think we will see some distance to the rest in the future.

The Big Bang Theory 4×01 The Robotic Manipulation
And they’re back! I loved Sheldon’s girlfriend and his plans to procreate and Penny’s way of stopping that. And Wolowitz is, well, still Wolowitz.
Too bad Kaley Cuoco will be missing for a few episodes (broken leg)…

Community 2×01 Anthropology 101
I didn’t like the Jeff/Britta arc, but overall I enjoyed the episode. The reference to Shit My Dad Says, erm, I mean of course Old White Man Says was cool. And then there’s of course Gollum, erm, I mean of course Chang. And last but not least Betty White rapping!