TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 01-02

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How I Met Your Mother 5×12 Girls Vs. Suits
That was an awesome episode. In fact it was – dare I say it? – legen … Wait for it! … dary! I’d say it was without problem the best episode this season, especially the end of course. When the song is available on iTunes, I’ll buy it. I’m only wondering where Barney got that German T-Shirt…

The Big Bang Theory 5×12 The Psychic Vortex
Battle of the sitcoms tonight. This episode was even better than the HIMYM one. Raj’s and Sheldon’s dates were super cool and Sheldon’s behaviour made me laugh so hard. It’s curious: By now it’s pretty predictable what Sheldon is going to do next but when he actually does it, it’s still funny as hell.

Castle 2×12 A Rose for Everafter
That was a really nice and sweet episode. When I read that Alyssa Milano would play an Ex of Rick’s I thought they would play it more humorously with bickering and such but this way was also good. It made this episode different from the others.
Though I have to say this was the first time that I thought about Nathan’s age because they claimed Rick and Kyra had been going to college together. Nathan (1971) is actually only one year older than Alyssa (1972) but I thought he would be way in his 40s already.

Chuck 3×01 Chuck vs the Pink Slip
Chuck’s finally back. As the tag line says “No More Mr. Nice Spy”. While I don’t think that I will miss Anna I believe I’ll miss Emmit. He was Chuck’s (and everyone else’s) nemesis at the Buy More and unless they intend to drastically cut back on the Buy More storyline, they will have to find a new obstacle for them to overcome.
The only thing that bugged me about Anna’s departure was the “reason” why she left Morgan – especially after I re-watched the last episodes of season 2 a few days ago and from that POV it does not make much sense.

Chuck 3×02 Chuck vs the Three Words
Chuck’s new abilities are a genius idea of the writers, especially with the “problem” that they don’t emerge on command. I really loved it how he “found his way” through the laser security but I also loved his speech at the door. Yes, we are back to square one, but at least the three of them are back together as a team.

Chuck 3×03 Chuck vs the Angel de la Muerte
Another great episode and Captain Awesome was … well, awesome. I sincerely hope that they didn’t kill him for real because that would be totally not awesome. Though I have to say it could make more an interesting storyline (Chuck has to care for his widowed sister, no one know his secret again) – but still, no, I want Awesome back!
Except for Anna and Emmit I didn’t notice any other money cutbacks (still hoping for Awesome), so if that would be all, I could live with it.

Leverage 2×10 The Runway Job
I really like 7of9 Jeri Ryan as the replacement grifter (due to Gina Bellman’s pregnancy). Except for the episode where they introduced her here I haven’t seen her since Star Trek: Voyager ended.
I still enjoy this show very much; it is pure fun to watch these guys pull another con.

Bones 5×11 The X in the File
It was so great when the dead “alien’s” cell phone(!) suddenly rang and played the music of The X Files. 😀 But I also loved to see one of Hodgins’s “experiments” again and his childishly amusement of how it turned out.
And the character played by Penny Johnson must be a twin sister of 24‘s Sherry Palmer. 😉

Two and a Half Men 7×12 Fart Jokes, Pie and Celeste
The Alan/Herb angle was quite funny but overall it wasn’t as funny as usual. Somehow the episode didn’t work without any of the women (and Judith’s screentime was too short to help).

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