Movies … not doing it for me anymore.

When I look upon my 2009 Movie Marathon blog entries it confirms something I felt for quite some time now.

Whenever I think about what I am going to watch next, it’s getting ever rarer that I decide to watch a movie of mine. I am still interested in them, I buy them at the stores … but then they land on the shelves and often stay there. Even if I’ve never even seen the movie I can’t bring myself to put it into the player when I just have to turn around and pick one of the season boxes.

When I have to decide if I’m going to watch a 90-120 minutes movie or a 170 minutes season disc with 4 episodes on it I often decide for the latter. Due to its very design I have a much deeper emotional connection to TV Show characters and I have the possibility to follow their “lives” for years instead of hours. Even if the story of one episode wasn’t good at all, there’s often something that brings the character forward and I’d hate to miss that just because this one particular story wasn’t as good as the others.

And so I watched six entire seasons of Smallville between December 6th and today and I watched these characters becoming young adults, making decisions and mistakes and having to live with them. So here I have an experience that lasted over 90 hours in comparison to the 90 minutes of a movie.

I even have a list named “Movies you could watch again sometime soon” but I nearly have to force myself to actually do it instead of grabbing another season box from any of my favourite TV Shows.

And so I watched 352 season discs in the past year and only 88 movies and I am seriously starting to wonder if it still makes sense for me to actually still buying movies – even though I tell myself at that moment that I am surely going to watch it.