Stargate Universe

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Chevron 9 encoded. Chevron 9 … locked. On a planet some 21 light years from Earth an SG team has discovered a Stargate that’s not hooked into the normal Stargate system. They’ve discovered that it can be encoded with 9 symbols, instead of the usual 7 (or 8 to reach Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy). But the planet is under attack and the core reaches a critical point which will tear the planet apart. They have no choice but to jump forward … only to find themselves on an ancient Ancients spaceship that travels through space quite a few galaxies away from home.

So far I’ve only seen two thirds of the three-parter pilot. On the one hand this could be the kind of show Star Trek: Voyager never was but that depends on how they solve their shortages of basically everything. But I also have a problem: Except for Eli I don’t really like any of the characters on this ship, especially not the “leader”, Dr. Rush. He only seems to care about this discovery and not about the people around him. Maybe it’s a premature evaluation but he comes across as rather unlikeable character – and not in a House way.
Of course I will watch the third part and a few more episodes but their main concern must be to give these characters personalities.