Star-Crossed is a new teen sci-fi show on The CW but given the ratings it’s quite possible it won’t last long.

The basic story is that an alien spaceship publicly crashed on Earth and had survivors on board.
Ten years later these survivors are slowly allowed into the general public which doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Personally I quite liked it but I’m a self-admitting fan of teen drama series.

But I’m also aware enough to see that most of the plot elements were lifted from the short-lived 1989 TV series Alien Nation.

For those who can’t remember or have never seen it, these are the basic plot elements of that show:

  • Ship with 250,000 Tenctonese slaves crashes in the Mojave desert
  • 5 years later they are allowed to leave the quarantine and are released into the general population of L.A.
  • Most prominent trademark: Instead of hair they have tattoo-looking maculae
  • Tenctonese have a binary heart system
  • There are protests against them at “our” schools
  • Alien daddy George Francisco reminds his son to speak English and not their native tongue
  • Most Tenctonese live in a separate district which is derisively called “Slagtown”

The only thing missing is the Atrians getting drunk from bad milk. 😉

Alien Nation Intro:

School protest in Alien Nation: