Babylon 5: In the Beginning

Season 5

Synopsis: “I was there at the dawn of the third age of mankind”. Londo has chosen the same words when he told the story of the pilot “The Gathering”. Now it is 2278, Londo has been emperor for 16 years but his time is coming to an end. When two children aks him to tell them a story, a story about “great battles and war and bravery and heroes and villains”, a true story, he tells them the events around the Earth-Minbar war.

My opinion: From all the TV movies they’ve made I like this the most. It is a good story and has great speeches in it. Without one exception we learn nothing new about the events in that war. There are some minor glitches that contradict the series but in the big picture it’s well put together.

And with this I conclude my Babylon 5 marathon.

After you’ve seen the series you can enjoy this two-part video. Especially pay attention to the words of the songs in combination with the scenes shown: