Star Trek: Countdown

Synopsis: Stardate 64333.4 (2384). Federation ambassador Spock has been living on Romulus for 40 years now when he discovers a terrible threat to the planet and the entire galaxy: A star is about to become an uncontrollable supernova that will eat itself through the universe. But the romulan senate cannot be convinced and so Spock and the young mining captain Nero travel to Vulcan. They want to get the technology to stop the catastrophe from happening. But Spock isn’t welcome on Vulcan anymore but he has friends in high places: Federation ambassador Picard and Captain Data from the Enterprise. Can they prevent the catastrophe?

My Opinion: The comic is an easy read and is generally satisfactory. The characters are believable and that Data’s data was transferred into B-4’s body is acceptable. Nero’s hate towards everyone who signed the death sentence of his family is plausible. he was portrayed as a very emotional character from the start and he shows no mercy with the romulan Pretor, too.
Only the price of €14.80 is a bit steep if you consider that one can read the 100 pages in less than an hour.

Tomorrow I will go watch the movie in the theatre…