Smallville: Season 6

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Disc 1


Synopsis: By destroying Brainiac with the kryptonian knife, Clark opened the portal for Zod. Zod has taken over Lex’s body and is now trying to conquer the world by removing its technology. And there’s no one who can stop him, because Clark was banished to the Phantom Zone.

My Opinion: This was a great conclusion to the cliffhanger, although once again it could have lasted longer. I see the problem that if Clark would have remained longer in the Phantom Zone, Zod would have caused more havoc and probably more people would have seen him, which would be devastating for Lex. But still, two or three episodes would have been cool.
I find it funny that Aaron Ashmore is playing Jimmy Olsen, while his identical twin brother Shawn has been a recurring FotW in the early seasons, yet no one seems to see the resemblance. 😉


Synopsis: Clark vigorously tries to repair the damage that has been caused by Zod. But even he gets exhausted at one point and his immune system was weakened due to his stay in the Phantom Zone. Clark has catched the “common” cold and now sneezes barn doors halfway across the county.
Meanhwile Lex gets abducted because some people want to find out how he has done the things he has done while he was being possessed by Zod.

My Opinion: They skipped that episode in the last season, probably because there aren’t many abilities left and also probably because he has been human during a few episodes. When I first watched this episode I thought Oliver Queen would just be another adversary of Lex’s, just as Victoria Hardwick or Jason Teague. How wrong I was.

BTW: When Justin Hartley (Oliver) smiles, don’t you think that he has a striking resemblance to the young Ben Affleck?


Synopsis: Someone – or something – is killing a young woman near a make-out-zone and her friend has mysteriously vanished.  But then is found, but he dies at the hospital because a plant is growing out of his stomach. And this plant can hurt even Clark.

My Opinion: Instead of FotWs we will see beings from the Phantom Zone in this season. While I found this episode to be entertaining, I still think that Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan was the more interesting plant. 😉

Disc 2


Synopsis: During a charity event someone steals a very expensive necklace from Martha. Lionel borrowed it to her for that event and Clark wants to prevent that his family ows him anything. Thus he goes on the hunt for this mysterious thief who was dubbed “Green Arrow Bandit” by Lois. But this Green Arrow is no ordinary thief.

My Opinion: I really liked that episode and I find it always funny when someone gets the impression that Clark and Lois might be an item. I also liked the gadgets that Oliver possesses. He should team up with Bruce Wayne. 🙂 But I also liked to see that even Clark admits that the world isn’t black/white or right/wrong at all times.


Synopsis: As it turns out, Lex and Oliver have been together at the same boarding school and Oliver was bullying Lex who in turn had only one friend. Now ten years later they meet there again as alumni. But then a freak accident happens and kills one of Oliver’s old friends. And then the next one dies. And then Lex nearly gets killed. It seems that someone wants to settle a score.

My Opinion: It’s interesting to see how such a terrible event change a person’s personality – or how it didn’t. I am asking myself: How much truth was in Lex’s words when he said he wanted to found a company with Duncan, when he would betray him the moment he would get the chance. Back then Lex decided to switch his allegiance away from his friend towards power. From that perspective I don’t understand why he ever wanted to be friends with Clark’s.


Synopsis: A Phantom Zone being (a “Zoner”) is on its way to Smallville, to kill Kal-El. But for this he needs to feed on radioactive energy – or the energy core Zod has used and which is now in Lex’s possession. But Clark doesn’t have to face this enemy alone. Raya is there to help him. But Raya can do even more. She can tell him about his father and his father’s goals and about the Fortress – unless both get killed by the Zoner.
My Opinion: Once again Clark has lost a female friend who knew of his secret. It seems that it isn’t meant to be. 🙁 Somehow I like it that Lana questions each and every visit of Clark’s. It sharpens her senses and she will need them for Lex. And it also keeps them both apart. This way Clark can focus more on the important issues.

Disc 3


Synopsis: Oliver/Green Arrow gets shot but miraculously heals without even having a scar. Yet he seems different, he is uncaring and aggressive when Clark tries to talk to him. Clark tries to warn Lois that something might be wrong, but she has to learn that first-hand when she encounters the Green Arrow while he is “trying to rob” Oliver.

My Opinion: I think he got a bit too easy out of his addiction but maybe it wears of that easily. After all, it was never intended to function as a addictive drug. But I am also glad that Oliver learned something from Clark.


Synopsis: Lex has been abducted by a man who claims to be a victim of Lex’s experiments. Lana, Chloe and Jimmy try to find and rescue him. But Clark must immediately go to Seattle where another Zoner is brutally killing people.

My Opinion: I fully support Clark’s decision. Even if it weren’t Lex’s own doing that has brought this upon him, it still would be a numbers game. And even worse, the Zoners are on Earth because Clark has brought them here. It’s his responsibility to get rid of them again. Additionally it was Lex’s doing and he can’t be expecting to be rescued everytime he screws up. Unfortunately this event will harden his opinion on meteor freaks.


Synopsis: The owner of a neighbouring farm has a special ability that allows him to keep his “unregistered workers” under control. If they try to escape they die. But one day a boy actually can escape and he runs directly into Clark.

My Opinion: When I first started to watch movies and shows in english I stumbled across it: “He’s an alien.”. What? For me, an alien would be someone like E.T. or Kal-El or the Alien alien. But how can a Mexican be an alien?
This was an usual FotW episode and it wasn’t that interesting.


Synopsis: Lana and Chloe have a very private conversation about Lana not being sure about her feelings towards Clark and Lex. How could this leak and being printed on the gossip section of the “Daily Planet”? And the next headline will be: “Clark Kent: farm boy or alien?”.
Meanwhile Lois thinks that she has figured out that Oliver and the Green Arrow are the same person. Clark helps Oliver to prove her wrong.

My Opinion: This was a great episode. I liked both parts and I can understand that Chloe is frustrated that she is supposed to keep all those secrets and then the people are angry with her because of it. But the conversation in the “Talon” between Lois, Chloe and Clark have her more than compensated for this. She had real fun with them.
Although Lana always suspected something now there’s no doubt whatsoever anymore that Clark has a secret. Now she will begin to dig real deep. I like that.

Disc 4


Synopsis: Bart Allen is back in town. But it isn’t a social visit he’s paying Smallville and Clark. He is working for Oliver/Green Arrow and they are investigating Lex’s 33.1 project. And Bart isn’t the only one. In the end they have to fight side by side: Oliver “Green Arrow”, Bart “Impulse”, A.C. “Aquaman”, Victor “Cyborg” and Clark “Boy Scout” – with Chloe as “Watch Tower”.

My Opinion: I really liked to see them again and together. It was sad though to hear that it didn’t work out with Victor and his girlfriend (remember, what I said about them?) and that Oliver is leaving Smallville. He was a great character and I’d like to see him again.


Synopsis: Clark is attacked by something and awakes in a mental institution. There they want to make him believe that he is perfectly normal – just a bit schizophrenic. He’s just Clark Kent, not Kal-El and he’s definitively not from Krypton. Only Chloe believes in him – until she gets killed.

My Opinion: The “everything was an illusion” episode that’s quite common among sci-fi and fantasy series. I liked it because it forced Clark to stop kidding himself and it showed once again that he would nearly everything give up for Lana – but only nearly everything.


Synopsis: A lipstick composed of red Kryptonite and some herbal oils makes Lois fall in love with Clark. Chloe finds that terribly funny until Lois actually kisses Clark and thus “infects” him with red K. Lex and Lana couldn’t have chosen a worse day to rehearse the wedding dinner.

My Opinion: This episode was funny and sad at the same time. They way Lois behaved was hilarious and again I liked the hints that they may become an item. The part of Clark being unleashed was of course sad. In opposition to previous “red K trips” this was not funny. It showed what Clark had to digest over the last months and still there’s nothing he can do about it. 🙁
BTW: No way in hell would Lex be able to deform a chisel like that. After all, it’s a tool that is built to withstand brute force.


Synopsis: Lana has secured the chisel and is wondering about it when she notices that someone is watching her. That person has seen her with the chisel and that means she can’t confide in Lex. First she hides out at Chloe’s, later at the Kents’s farm. But her stalker is following her and threatens to kill her.

My Opinion: Could he or couldn’t he catch the guy, too? Did he let him die or was he simply too late to save them both? There are people on the internet that claim that he let the guy die – but we haven’t seen what really has happened. The writers decided to not to show it to us. Thus, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.
And even if. This Clark Kent isn’t the regular Superman guy. Superman is a boy scout, he’s perfect. This Clark is far from perfect and he himself admits that freely. Additionally, perfect is boring.

Disc 5


Synopsis: Lana is having a very special bachelor party: She went out bowling with Chloe. But then Chloe witnesses how a young man is kidnapped. When she starts to investigate this, the young man suddenly reappears without having any memory about this incident. Later he dies in an accident. Someone is tagging and killing meteor freaks – and Chloe is probably one of them.

My Opinion: This was interesting. Chloe a meteor freak? Had she really not known? Has she ever used her power? What power is it? That opens a can of possibilities. I also really like to know whether Tobias could see that Clark was different even though he is no meteor freak.


Synopsis: This is the day. The great day. The one day. The day of the Lexana wedding and even Clark is invited. But will they actually go through with it? Two don’t want that marriage to happen and two want it to happen. By the end of the day, who will have tried to protect whom?
My Opinion: The “Lana finds out” episode. I really liked the idea to show this day from the POV of every character involved. And I am wondering what Lionel’s true intention was when he threatened Clark’s life. He remains a dubious character whose true allegiances remain to be seen.

And here’s the key scene:

Funny thing is that I’ve watched this scene so often that I immediately could spot the (small, yet existent) differences in the dialogue when it is shown from Clark’s perspective – and that happened before this scene.
But Chloe’s accusation isn’t quite true. He has put his heart on the line before (Reckoning) and it got her killed within a day.


Synopsis: Lois seriously needs to write a new article in order to receive her paycheck. Luckily for her she finds Clark’s and Chloe’s research about a Zoner in the trash can. Soon after she finds herself in the arena of a fight club and there they fight to the death. But her opponent is none other than Clark.

My Opinion: This was the “Wrestling” episode. Another kind of script that is to be found in a number of shows (Star Trek: Voyager‘s Tsunkatse anyone?), for reasons I do not know.


Synopsis: Lex uses Chloe’s mother to influence other meteorite freaks. But she resists and “contacts” her daughter who in turn tries to find her.
Meanwhile Lana learns that her entire pregnancy (which ended in a “miscarriage” a few weeks ago) has been faked. She never was pregnant.

My Opinion: It’s fascinating how Lex manages to alienate everyone, even his own wife. It’s also fascinating to think about how things could have turned out since Hydro, if Clark hadn’t assumed that she was pregnant. Most likely the writers would have found another way to keep them apart. 🙁

Disc 6


Synopsis: The widow of a former Green Beret doesn’t believe that she’s a widow at all. She believes that LuthorCorp – Lex – has taken her husband and she wants him back. If not, then Lex will die in the sewer system where he’s kept. Clark tries to rescue him but a bomb goes off and they get trapped. Now they have to find a way out – within 20 minutes, before all the other bombs go off, too. And that’s not the only problem: The sewer system is swarmed with Kryptonite.

My Opinion: I don’t believe that Clark did anything wrong in his relationship to Lex. He tried to help him where he could and he only protected the secret of his origins. But Lex has always been obsessed. First with his father, then with Clark and since the second meteor show with aliens. There wasn’t much Clark could have done about it. But it was an interesting conversation they’ve had.


Synopsis: Lana gets shot in the “Daily Planet” and is brought to the hospital. Then Jimmy gets attacked and when he wakes up, he’s a reporter in the year 1940 with Chloe and Clark being colleagues. There he meets Mrs. Lana Luthor who thinks that her husband is going to kill her. And Clark seems to have a secret second identity.

My Opinion: I was never into these old Hollywood movies nor am I much interested in crime stories. Thus this wasn’t my kind of story.


Synopsis: When Senator Burke tries to shut down Lex’s project, Lex orders an assassination. One of his 33.1 soldier prototypes does the job but leaves a witness: Lois. Lois and the prototype – who was a Green Beret in an earlier life – know each other since he has been the first boy Lois has ever kissed. Confronted with memories of that former life his programming goes haywire.

My Opinion: Too bad that Clark had to kill him, but maybe it’s for the best. Now he can rest in peace.
Another thing that I have found interesting was the way Martha got the seat on the U.S. Senate. First she inherited the Senator’s seat from her husband and now she practically inherited it from Senator Burke. Is that actually possible under U.S. law or is this Smallville fiction?


Synopsis: Lex has gotten his hands on a phantom and he hopes that he can use it to build his army. Lana is leaving Lex. Lois gets herself stabbed and bleeds to death. Clark tells Lana everything and loses her again. Martha leaves for Washington. The phantom is mimicking Clark and is at least as strong as he is. Lex is arrested for murder.

My Opinion: Wow. What an end. And they’ve created a very intersting constellation: Lana is dead. Chloe and Lionel looked quite dead. Martha is leaving for Washington. Who remains? Jimmy, Lois, Lex and Clark. And none of the survivors knows about Clarks secret (Martha excluded).
But I never believed for a second that Lana is dead. That explosion looked too fishy. And I didn’t want to believe that Chloe simply died – even if it was in such a sacrificing way.

The Season – My Opinion: This was a great season. This one and the fifth are my favourites. The Green Arrow was a great addition to the show and the Zoners were way more interesting than the average FotW. I also liked the more darker tone of this season. The stakes have been raised and Clark’s tasks have grown beyond the rescue of the damsel-in-distress.

Season 7