TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 19-20

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The Big Bang Theory 3×22 The Staircase Implementation
It was a nice “origin story” that I enjoyed (The hair! The suits! The North-Korean spy-girl!).
But I like Babylon 5!

Chuck 3×17 Chuck vs the Living Dead
Even though Shaw might be back I enjoy this season 3.5 much more than season 3.0. I love how Ellie is getting drawn into the spy game and how his father figured out he still was the Intersect. My favourite scene was when Sarah “intercepted” the knife and Orion was wondering whether she also had an Intersect. πŸ˜‰

Gossip Girl 3×22 Last Tango, Then Paris
It wasn’t bad but a few things bothered me. For example Dan following Serena headlessly without thinking about Vanessa. And even though Jenny was “deported” I didn’t get the feeling that she was actually punished for what she did this year. And Chuck getting shot in a dark alley was a bit too clichΓ©d for me.
But I loved the idea of Georgina returning (and her condition!). And since Mercy was axed she could play a larger role next season.

LOST 6×16 What They Died For
I loved Desmond as sideways-Mastermind, I really enjoyed these parts of the episode. But I also liked the parts on the island. I just don’t think that Ben has turned again (I think he’s conning Smokey) and I don’t think that Jack will actually become the lighthouse keeper; I think there will be yet another twist to this all.

10 Things I Hate About You 1×18 Changes
I was a bit disappointed of Kat’s behaviour. Patrick’s friendly banter didn’t feel out of place. But her reaction to it did.
I enjoyed the rest of the episode though.

Community 1×25 Pascal’s Triangle Revisited
As Abed put it: “Finally. Classic ‘Last Day of School’ plot twist.” Again there was a lot of self-referencing meta humour in it and I enjoyed that. But I have to say that I liked the previous season ending better. But then again: How many shows do actually have to season endings in the same season?

Two and a Half Men 7×21 Gumby with a Pokey
I loved it that Jake had that much screen time and that he still can pull off his dry humour (that is, when he doesn’t do ball jokes).
And Charlie on pot was hilarious with the best part being (of course) that Rose is back. That could become really interesting.

How I Met Your Mother 5×23 The Wedding Bride
Another episode with a lot of meta humour in it. And while I was watching it, I enjoyed it. But now while I’m writing these lines, a bit of “fridge logic” kicks in. It’s not a plot error per se but one has to wonder why Stella and her husband would do that. We know Ted is a decent guy and he didn’t deserve that and from what I remember of Stella she wasn’t a bad person either. It just wasn’t meant to be. It has happened to other people, too. So why did they do it?

Love the trailer, though:

House M.D. 6×21 Help Me
I have to admit that the end came a bit unexpected for me. There have always been “Huddy” fans out there and I always admired that she put up with him but I can’t remember that they ever hinted at the fact that she might have deeper feelings for him.
And it was really sad to see this young woman die and there was nothing he could do about it. It’s been a long while since House seemed to actually care about a patient.

Castle 2×24 A Deadly Game
I liked it that Esposito flat-out told Beckett what she needed to hear. Too bad her epiphany came about half a day too late. And since he couldn’t know she broke up with Theft guy it just wasn’t meant to happen (this time ;)).
I bet the next step of keeping them apart is that he has a relationship now… We’ll see next year.

Bones 5×22 The Beginning in the End
So, Bones does a time jump I presume. Unless they manage to find an actual archaeological grave site somewhere in Afghanistan and Booth has to protect the dig site. πŸ˜‰
Let’s just say it could have been worse. They could have ended it with a text page saying “Sgt. Maj. Seeley Booth was killed in action on July, 16th near the Pakistani border.”

Three for three. This season is coming to an end fast. On the one hand I’m actually glad. It will clear up my schedule for other stuff to watch. On the other hand: No new episodes ’till fall.

Cougar Town 1×24 Finding Out
This was a good conclusion to this first season and it contained all the elements I like about the show.
I’m glad that they dropped the entire “cougar” angle and just went along with what they already had.

Justified 1×10 The Hammer
I always like Stephen Root as a guest character on any show. I always enjoy him in his roles.
I also liked all the twists of this episode (the trailer explosion, why the guy came after the judge, the pot grower not being able to identify the shooter…).

Party Down 2×04 James Ellison Funeral
It’s unbelievable how they manage to turn every event you could possibly cater into a “freak show”. I laughed my ass off when the final scene revealed the Asian woman and her child.

The Good Wife 1×22 Hybristophilia
The way they kept Cary on the show was certainly an interesting twist. And I’m also glad that Childs (Titus Welliver) is not going anywhere. I’ve come to like to dislike his characters on several shows (Supernatural, LOST).
But I have to say that I find that new (previously mentioned) red-headed lawyer extremely irritating. You can get away with portraying someone as ditzy despite them knowing exactly what they are doing, but it didn’t work for me here.

Party Down 2×05 Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday
Brilliant episode. Steve as himself and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin in Superbad, Red Mist in Kick-Ass) as Roman’s writing buddies were great. I loved how they read the scenes Roman and Kent had written, it was so spot on on bad sci-fi scripts. And Kyle’s friend Colette was so great as the robot bio-cybernetic organism.

Doctor Who
I won’t be reviewing this week’s episode since I’ve just learned that it’s a two-parter and I won’t be watching it until next week when the second part becomes available.

CW 20 (LOST Finale)