TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 50-01

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How I Met Your Mother 5×11 Last Cigarette Ever
I am soo glad I never started smoking… It was an OK episode but except for the “time travel” nothing noteworthy happened.

The Big Bang Theory 3×11 The Maternal Congruence
That was a great episode, Leonard’s mother (Diane Lockhart in The Good Wife btw) is a great addition to the gang especially because of her relationship to both Leonard and Sheldon. And I loved her observation of Raj’s and Howard’s “relationship” because it isn’t entirely unfounded if you have watched the previous episodes. 😉

Two and a Half Men 7×11 Warning, It’s Dirty
Another great episode I enjoyed a lot. Too bad Charlie Sheen seems to be an entirely different personality in real life.  Undecided

The Good Wife 1×10 Lifeguard
I don’t really know what to think about this part of the American judical system: That every important position is decided by an election where not necessarily the more competent person wins but the more popular. Like they pointed out in this episode: She has a disadvantage with the voters because she has an English surname. WTF has the surname to do with the ability to be a good judge?!
But the episode was really great. As I often pointed out I am normally not too much into here-and-now-realism shows, I like it a bit more “extravagant”. But every now and then I get drawn in by a show with a “normal” story and The Good Wife certainly belongs on this list.

The Good Wife 1×11 Infamy
Another really good episode and argument about the First Amendment. I liked both cases and I am getting ever more curious what the case against her husband is really about. I also learned something new today, namely that the judge can overrule the jury’s verdict. Why then have a jury in the first place?

Cougar Town 1×10 Mystery Man
It was OK, but nothing exceptional. But the show keeps its general mood and I like that about it.

Cougar Town 1×11 Rhino Skin
It just wasn’t the same. Yeah, it was cool to see “Phoebe” and “Monica” back together onscreen, but it just wasn’t Friends. Still this episode worked for me very well because of Travis and Andy. It was great to see Andy passing on his knowledge to the young grasshopper.

Heroes 4×13 Chapter Twelve ‘Upon This Rock’
The show continues it’s quieter (than in previous years) path and I still think it’s fitting this year. This volume is called “Redemption” after all.
Unfortunately not many viewers agree with me, the ratings for these episodes have dropped again.

Heroes 4×14 Chapter Thirteen ‘Let It Bleed’
It seems like Sylar has gotten a bit of the humanity of either Matt or Nathan (or both?) welded into his personality (my theory – they didn’t point in any way towards this). Now the question is whether this will help or hurt the character.
I still find myself enjoying the show because the characters behave coherent and comprehensible. And while the master plan is not yet revealed I have the feeling that it follows a defined path and isn’t “like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey … stuff“.

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