TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 37-46

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The Good Wife 1×06 Conjugal
I love the unusual (and yet serious) way how they solve their cases and I like how they often find a way to involve Alicia’s husband in the case even when she has to sacrifice his reputation in the end.

Two and a Half Men 7×07 Untainted by Filth
Charlie’s going to marry! The world comes to an end even before 2012! Loved the flashback to the “threesome” and how he managed to disguise his uncomfortableness by telling his mother’s story. One story worse than the other. 😉

House M.D. 6×06 Known Unknowns
Loved Cuddy, Wilson and House at that conference, especially the the (19)80s party and House being totally serious when he held Wilson’s speech and keeping his friend out of trouble. As usual, I didn’t care too much about the actual case.

The Big Bang Theory 3×07 The Guitarist Amplification
Penny’s and Leonard’s first real argument. How cute. But once again Sheldon stole the spotlight from all of them. I am quite sure when the writers invented the show they didn’t imagine Sheldon becoming basically the comical center of the show but that’s how it turned out. Unfortunately I slowly get the feeling that the other four are slowly becoming supporting cast to give him an anchor for his lines.

Supernatural 5×08 Changing Channels
One week’s worth of television in one episode. So cool, especially the CSI parody. But one thing I haven’t understood: Was the Trickster we’ve known before never a Trickster and always Gabriel? Or did Gabriel choose the face of the Trickster for some reason afterwards?

Castle 2×07 Famous Last Words
You have to give it to them, they certainly try to find extravagant cases for them to solve. But I think that is one of the shows I’ll never own on DVD, I don’t see much re-watch value, sorry.

How I Met Your Mother 5×06 Bagpipes
I love it how they sometimes use a replacement thingy (sandwiches, bagpipes) to thinly veil the actual thing and keep it up for the entire episode. The best thing so far was when they were “eating sandwiches” in college all the time. But playing the bagpipes and all its allusions wasn’t bad either.

How I Met Your Mother 5×06 The Rough Patch
Barney’s fat suit/mask looked great. Remembered me a lot of the good ol’ days of Monica in Friends. But I also feel that the show should come to an end. It’s time Ted meets his future wife. Bringing the old Barney back does sound funny but I can’t see it being the same as before. But maybe I am wrong, maybe there’s still a lot of juice left in the writers’s brains.

Bones 5×06 The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken
That must have been an “interesting” episode for the actors, with David being afraid of birds and Emily being an animal rights activist… The episode itself wasn’t that interesting, it was a usual case but there wasn’t a good side-story.

Castle 2×08 Kill the Messenger
I do enjoy the episodes of Castle but it’s hard to describe why because the show’s appeal is based strongly upon Castle’s behaviour than anything else.

Cougar Town 1×06 Don’t Come Around Here No More
Grayson is so cool. He’s the perfect counter-point to Jules. I so had to grin when he played a tune to her “exit from the stage” on his guitar. But the The Shawshank Redemption scene was also great. It’s a funny folk around there.

V 1×02 There Is No Normal Anymore
Why is it that reporters are always either Pulitzer-gathering integrity persons who have been working undercover for years (or in war zones) or they are power-mongering dicks like this Michael J. Fox look-alike?
I am glad that they decided to take the foot from the gas pedal but I am even gladder that Alan Tudyk’s character is not dead. Ever since his role as Alpha (in Dollhouse) I am convinced he could be a perfect villain.
Now I am more certain than last week that this show could achieve something on it’s own. Unfortunately there are only two episodes left before the Olympics break.

Gossip Girl 3×08 The Grandfather: Part II
The puppet master behind the fake drowning accident was quite surprising I give you that. I also liked the hooker, erm, escort. And I was surprised by how mature Chuck has become. When you remember him from the early days of the show, I’d say he’s the character who has developed most (in a good direction). It is astonishing for an 18year old but is diminished by the fact that we have a typical case of Dawson Casting.

Gossip Girl 3×09 They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?
I seriously had hoped that Jenny would lose this time. She’s become such a bitch (a development that already started in the first season) that I don’t know who still wants to put up with her (according to the show: nobody). If you ask me, I always considered her being even worse than Blair was and that should tell you something. I hope Eric comes up with evil master plan to crush her down.  Devil
PS: Did I mention that were was a threesome in the end over which every parent organization in the US went nuts over? More Devil!!!

Heroes 4×08 Chapter Seven ‘Once Upon a Time in Texas’
When the episode began I had the strangest déjà vu as if I had seen that storyline before (and I am not talking about the suicide guy from a few weeks ago). But after a few minutes it developed differently and I thought they did a good job keeping the timeline consistent and still changing it.

Heroes 4×09 Chapter Eight ‘Shadowboxing’
Funny thing how expectations develop. In the beginning I liked it that it started a bit slower. But now I am at a point where I want something big to happen. I want “the band back together”. Hiro, Claire, Peter and Noah fighting something big and evil. It’s like watching Jack Bauer doing paperwork for 9 hours out of his 24 hours day…

The Vampire Diaries 1×01 / 1×02 / 1×03 Pilot / Night of the Comet / Friday Night Bites
I thought I give it a try but I am underwhelmed. A Vampire who tries to blend in with the crowd but his evil Vampire buddies don’t let him. Been there, done that (with me being the evil Vampire I mean 😉 ). And these diary entries at the end don’t make it better. I will watch a few more episodes but I don’t think that this is a show for me.

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