Purchase Diary 2013 – October

Iron Man 3 (2013) Oct 5th – €12.90 @ Media Markt Collection no. 1063 Leap Year (2010) Oct 5th – €7.99 @ Media Markt Collection no. 1064 Two of my favourite childhood movies, so I just had to see how they were dubbed in English (these movies don’t actually have an “original” voice track): They…

Movie Watchings 2009 – April

Deutsche Version | March | May April, 10th They Call Me Trinity Terence Hill … Trinità Bud Spencer … Bambino Farley Granger … Maj. Harriman Elena Pedemonte … Judith Steffen Zacharias … Jonathan Dan Sturkie … Tobias Gisela Hahn … Sarah Synopsis: Trinity comes into a small town where he meets his brother Bambino again….