TV Season 2010/2011 Diary #1

The new season is slowly beginning and just like last year I will keep a diary of all my shows I watch on a weekly basis. I’ve already reviewed some of the newcomers, like Melissa & Joey, Hellcats, Terriers and Nikita and now the “old” shows are coming back.

Gossip Girl 4×01 Belles de Jour
I would have been more surprised if there wasn’t something fishy about Georgina’s baby. Frankly I’m stunned that the Humphrey family took her and her doctor’s word for it that it was Dan’s. I mean how could they even assume that the doctor tested it against Dan’s DNA – if he isn’t even in on the game.
And Blair blew it really nicely with her prince… Now I’m just wondering if Chuck has changed or if this is just temporary.