TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 20-21

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Chuck 3×18 / 3×19 Chuck Versus the Subway / Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II
Even though he’s listed as “confirmed casualty” on Ausiello’s season finale scorecard, I don’t really believe that we won’t see Stephen J. Bartowski again. I mean, c’mon. He gets shot a few feet away from a hidden room where there’s cellular regeneration technology that brought Shaw back from the dead. And Ellie was hidden behind a pillar. On a show where death is cheap!
I liked the conclusion of the season and how it took yet another turn to stay fresh. I just wonder if the Buy More storyline is now really over or if they simply open a Buy Something Different store (Remember when in Alias SD-6 was disbanded yet all the characters found themselves in a similar environment again?).

The Big Bang Theory 3×23 The Lunar Excitation
I couldn’t help but to think of Zack as a grown-up version of TaaHM‘s Jake.
I enjoyed the episode and was totally with Raj and Howard when they asked themselves what the hell they had done.

How I Met Your Mother 5×24 Doppelgangers
This episode had some nice heart-warming moments and was a nice conclusion to the season. I just hope that they get back on track next year.

Two and a Half Men 7×22 This Is Not Gonna End Well
I have to say I was terribly annoyed by both Alan and Jake in this episode. Not just the usual funny way, this time they were actually annoying.

10 Things I Hate About You 1×19 / 1×20 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough / Revolution
Too bad this show ended with these episode, I really enjoyed it for what it was and I think I’m still going to buy it on DVD, even though it’s just one season.

Doctor Who 5×08 / 5×09 The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood
I really enjoyed this two-parter. It was a quieter one (read: less running ;)) and I liked that both parties had their faults and the will to overcome their differences.
It was sad when Rory died but it was the most elegant way to get rid of him. But I am also sure that he will be back when the Doctor fixes that whole crack mess.
Though I have to say I consider this a plot-hole: Amy could remember the cleric-soldiers after they went into the light but not her fiancé.

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