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Chuck 3×08 Chuck vs the Fake Name
Chuck sad. The path of the hero is a lonely one.
I think Chuck made the right choice (even though it was cruel to her) but I’m also sad that Hannah is gone (at least I assume she won’t be there in the next episode).
What I personally would love to see would be an episode where Team Bartowski has to hunt random bad guy into a mall and Hannah is in one of the lanes. Casey is running behind bad guy, Chuck comes from the side, does one of his dorky moves and brings down bad guy. Casey cuffs him and when the Mall Cops arrive, Sarah IDs herself as CIA – with Hannah witnessing all this from afar and finally understanding (yes, I know the scenario is a lot like the one in Smallville‘s Promise, but I loved that scene, too).
PS: Is it just me or does “Sam(antha) Lisa” not really roll off the tongue?

How I Met Your Mother 5×16 Hooked
Barney’s history of jobs for attractive women was very funny but the episode as a whole wasn’t as memorable (in fact, having it watched two days ago I’ve already forgotten most about it).

Smallville 9×14 Conspiracy
This is an episode I have some issues with. And all these issues are connected to Chloe, my once favourite character of the show. But since the Doomsday/Brainiac arc she has changed.
While it’s technically true that Clark has lost his moral compass at times, it’s always been when he was under influence of something (e.g. Red K) but I can’t remember him doing anything immoral when he was “normal”. He might not have done what was necessary (for example: before and during Zod’s first appearance) but that is a big diff from doing what’s morally right.
And why she is blaming him for the disaster that was Doomsday is beyond me; I’d say Clark is one of the least guilty in that whole affair.
I fear that when Zod finds the tracers in the ID that this will be the reason he convinces his people that Kal-El and the Earthlings are not to be trusted and he will use them against him.

The Big Bang Theory 3×16 The Excelsior Acquisition
Also an average episode. Granted the bit with the Restraining Order was funny but overall it was pretty predictable.
And let’s face it: DC also has it’s share of identical-initial-names: Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, Lois Lane, …

Two and a Half Men 7×15 Tinkle Like a Princess
This was a good sad episode that showed the door isn’t closed. And yet Charlie remained Charlie (with the church and afterwards). I like it that there’s hope after all (even though only he viewer can see it right now).
I also liked the opening theme spoof with the growing Jake – they either used it for the first time or I just didn’t notice it before.

Life Unexpected 1×06 Truth Unrevealed
For me, Kate is the least likable person. I can understand that Ryan’s pissed but he’s also honest enough to show it openly so that Baze knows where he stands. And even though Baze also keeps the secret he has no obligation to be truthful, it isn’t even his place. But Kate’s juggling with knives here…
I also believe that this was the first episode that didn’t end on a high note.

Life Unexpected 1×07 Crisis Unaverted
And crashing down it comes. And rightly so. With a show like this I assume it will be made right eventually but for now I am curious how this new dynamic is working out. And since I have been complaining about these instant-problem-solving plots I certainly like this new approach much better.

LOST 6×05 Lighthouse
Seems like every character is getting his/her own episode that tells the on- and off-island story. Someone guessed that the off-island stories are actually the epilogue of the show – the things that happen when this season is over and the island story is resolved. TBH I wouldn’t be against it.
But I would have liked to know what name was at 108 degrees…

LOST 6×06 Sundown
“He came back wrong.” – Also a common theme among fantasy shows. But I choose to believe that the pre-death Sayid would not have helped Smokey-Locke even if he promised him Nadia just like Claire wouldn’t be able to kill someone so mercilessly.
While it isn’t impossible that Smokey-Locke is actually the good guy and Jacob the bad, I honestly can’t see playing it out that way right now. I would think it more likely that it’s more like the Babylon 5 Vorlon/Shadow arc were both parties weren’t really the god guys.
I also could imagine that Jack and Sawyer become the new Jacob and Smokey, effectively inheriting their roles because it’s somehow important for the island/the world.

White Collar 1×12 Bottlenecked
The Anti-Caffrey. The Bizarro-Neal. It was an OK episode but nothing special.

White Collar 1×13 Front Man
This one I liked better because Neal and Mozzie could show their talents. I really liked the discussion about Neal’s future at the end and I am curious if he will manage to steal the box (if he tries it) and keep a straight face with Peter. Next week’s season finale will tell.

Burn Notice 3×15 Good Intentions
Too bad Jonathan LaPaglia’s role wasn’t bigger, I loved him as the slightly crazy chrononaut in Seven Days, a series where I occasionally watch an episode or two.
But 24‘s Tony Almeida was also a very good guest character. His character here was a bit more convincing than Tony at the end of 24‘s season seven.
And the end of the episode – I did not see this coming, even though it becomes a repeated theme in Burn Notice (anyone remembers Caprica Six or Daniel Jackson?).

Burn Notice 3×16 Devil You Know
Hey, Cromartie is a spy/killer – who could have known? 😉
I loved it how Madeline stood by her son until the end and I hope she gets a big pay-off for this next season. She deserves it.

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