TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 37-40

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Since I am watching a number of TV shows via community means, I decided to give a short opinion of said episodes.

The season began a few weeks ago, so here comes a bulk review:

Bones 5×01 Harbingers in a Fountain
While it was a nice start into the season it bothered me that they showed an actual fortune-teller without exposing her as a fraud. Especially Bones should have never accepted this fact.

Bones 5×02 The Bond in the Boot
Except for the fact that they played with the James Bond theme it was average.

Bones 5×03 The Plain in the Prodigy
I am totally agnostic and don’t really care for any religion. But I didn’t like how they portrayed the Amish’s reaction to the victim’s piano playing: “Oh that sounds so beautiful, why would God forbid playing instruments?”. The Amish are obviously very strong in their faith, I can’t imagine them questioning their believe just because they hear one musical instrument.

Castle 2×01 Deep in Death
One of these “We have to resolve our differences that came up by the end of last season by the end of the first episode of this season” episodes. He apologized and all was well. But it was cool how Castle played Poker with the Russian mob and how Beckett got him out of there. πŸ˜€

Castle 2×02 The Double Down
I’ve seen this kind of plot recently (without Castle’s betting pool of course πŸ˜‰ ) on Bones IIRC. But on Bones it had been 3 victims/murderers, not just two. Normally I wouldn’t watch such a show at all but Fillion/Castle makes it totally worthwhile.

Cougar Town 1×01 Pilot
Could become interesting, but we’ll have to see. So far it seems to be the short version of Desperate Housewives (mainly Susan Meyer) without the murder drama.

Cougar Town 1×02 Into the Great Wide Open
Still not sure where this show is going, but willing to give it a chance due to Courteney Cox.

Dollhouse 2×01 Vows
Great start into the new season, especially after the unaired episode 1×13 Epitah One. The best part was the confrontation between Whiskey/Dr. Saunders and Topher. But I didn’t understand how they arranged the marriage between Echo and that weapons dealer and why the Dollhouse is helping Bellard to solve his old cases.

Dollhouse 2×02 Instinct
It may be a new development that Echo can remember her former imprints but I am not sure where this is supposed to be going. I also did not understand what exactly Topher did with November when her contract was ended. Why doesn’t she mourn for her child anymore? Did Topher remove that grieve? But what remains when she thinks about her dead child? That are intriguing moral questions but they weren’t answered.

FlashForward 1×01 No More Good Days
Sounds definitively like a great idea, especially with having people involved who were actually awake throughout the blackout. Not sure yet what would make the better storyline: If you can change the future or if it’s bound to happen the way you saw it.

FlashForward 1×02 White to Play
They found their first actual lead a bit too quick, if you ask me. Yes the story must be set in motion, but why find a man who was awake already in the second episode (even when he escaped without being questioned).
The big question is now, whether it was a continuity error or a deliberate hint when the FBI agent wore his wrist band again after he burned it in the fireplace.

Gossip Girl 3×01 Reversals of Fortune
A summer episode just like last year’s first episode. It usually only gets interesting once the new school/college year has begun.

Gossip Girl 3×02 The Freshmen
I love it that Georgina (Buffy‘s Dawn) seem to have become a recurring if not even a regular. She and Blair are having a great cat fight over who becomes more popular on NYU. Yet I don’t think it was wise of Dan to side with Georgina, but that could become interesting. πŸ˜€

Gossip Girl 3×03 The Lost Boy
Honestly, I don’t really care about this whole Scott arc but I loved how Georgina played them all. Excellent scheming. Without all the intrigues the show would be not nearly as interesting.

House M.D. 6×01 Broken
As I said before, I don’t really care about the actual cases, thus this two-parter worked very well for me, especially with Franka Potente in the mix. Too bad that her role was confined to this episode but I think it will still have an impact on theΒ  Huddy (House/Cuddy) relationship.

House M.D. 6×02 Epic Fail
I knew it the second they mentioned that the solution came via an Internet posting that House had secretly solved the case – but it was a good solution, they had to find a way to bring him back into the hospital. But I am still curious how this will all work out with Thirteen being fired and
Spoiler (select to read):

Cameron leaving the hospital some time this season – because a show with no female lead except for Cuddy? How is that supposed to work? Who will represent the moral counterpart to House?

How I Met Your Mother 5×01 Definitions
So funny when Ted stood in front of the wrong students and lectured them about architecture and none of them cared. πŸ˜€

How I Met Your Mother 5×02 Double Date
Lily’s double is a stripper. Laugh And it was so great to see Barney explain that he rarely goes to a strip club while getting his favourite drink served without ordering it and the DJ announcing that he will play Barney’s favourite song…

Smallville 9×01 Savior
Trailer looked good. Episode disappointed.

Smallville 9×02 Metallo
That was much better. Brian Austin Green was really great as Metallo and I hope he will return in future episodes. I also liked the beginning triangle between Clark – Lois – ‘the Blur’ which was bound to happen at some point. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up again.

Stargate Universe 1×01 / 1×02 Air, Part 1 & 2
The lead character Dr. Rush seems dishonest and unlikeable. So far the only character I really like is Eli (the Carter / MacKay incarnation of this show). Let’s see what happens in the third part and how the concept grows, maybe I am mistaken about Rush.

Supernatural 5×01 Sympathy for the Devil
Loved it. The minute heaven and hell started their apocalyptic war a new (yet unknown) player enters the playing field and messes with everything. And I am not yet sure that Dean is actually supposed to be Michael’s vessel or if it is a plan to take him off the board because he might foil the plan of the angels.

Supernatural 5×02 Good God, Y’All
One of the Four Horsemen rides a classic American automobile. I like the idea. I also like how he played them all into thinking the others are demon-possessed. And I thought it to be a good idea for Dean and Sam splitting up, they haven’t been a team for a while now and a physical separation might do them good.

Supernatural 5×03 Free to Be You and Me
Cas and Dean are a great team, especially when Dean tries to teach him how to be human. It was so great when Dean bought a hooker called Chastity for him. πŸ˜€

Supernatural 5×04 The End
LOL: Cas as a humanized, stoned sex-guru. The show never loses its humour despite the devastating circumstances. But I would have liked if Dean and Sam would have been apart for a few more episodes but I heard it was executive interference. Since Dean is supposed to be Michael’s vessel and Sam Lucifer’s I begin to wonder whether one or both of them will survive this season or if they have to sacrifice themselves in order to end the apocalypse.

The Big Bang Theory 3×01 The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation
Finally! Penny & Leonard. But since this is a comedy I wonder how long it will hold. The episode already began great when they returned from the North Pole and all wore these huge beards and only Sheldon had this Evil Mr. Spock beard. And Sheldon’s mom was also really cool again: “But ‘evolution is a fact’ is still just an opinion.”. πŸ˜€

The Big Bang Theory 3×02 The Jiminy Conjecture
Great balance between P&L’s sex problems and Sheldon’s and Howard’s cricket bet. And of course a nice discussion about the origins of Wolverine’s claws.

Two and a Half Men 7×01 818-jklpuzo
It was funny to see Alan and Melinda trying to to convince Charlie that she doesn’t actually live in Charlie’s house. And Mia’s singing was terrible – as it was supposed to be. πŸ˜€

Two and a Half Men 7×02 Whipped Unto the Third Generation
Mama Harper saves the day and her boys have to thank her. Now it would be great if Rose could drop in again, the chaos would be perfect…

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