TV Season 2010/2011 Diary #9

Two and a Half Men 8×03 A Pudding Filled Cactus
Alan really has become the new Charlie. Loved it how he handled the whole situation.

The Big Bang Theory 4×03 The Zazzy Substitution
And I thought Leonard was the one with the cat fixation when his love life took a dive. Sheldon and Amy are perfect for each other even when they split up.

Smallville 10×03 Supergirl
This (final) season brings a whole lot of confusion. In the season nine finale Salvation Clark had become a leader, confident of himself and his destiny. And now Jor-El suddenly tells him is doing everything wrong again, even disowns(!) him in this episode and everyone except Lois is on the Clark-bashing train again. I just hope there’s something wrong with the Jor-El A.I. because otherwise this makes no sense at all. But making no sense is not unheard of in Smallville land either…
The Darkseid story could be interesting but it’s that back and forth again that muddies everything. For example: At the end of last episode we saw a confident Clark in a new costume on top of the Daily Planet and suddenly his cousin comes back and flat out tells him that he has too many doubts and cannot defeat Darkseid.
The only thing I’ve enjoyed so far this season is all the Lois scenes, either with Clark or with Carter.
And Lois extended her costume collection.