TV Season 2010/2011 Diary #5

Melissa & Joey 1×07 Up Close & Personal
So now they start wading into WTWT waters. It’s okay. I enjoy watching them and that’s the most important thing in a sitcom, isn’t it?
And it’s Hammer time!

(Still) Cougar Town 2×01 All Mixed Up
I enjoyed having Jennifer Aniston in this episode but it’s not a must-see reunion. And I enjoyed this entire episode, I’m so glad that they are back. It’s such a great bunch that feels so organic.
I just hope that Travis’s going to college won’t remove him from the show.
And I quite liked the irony of the show’s title (Still) Cougar Town since it was under consideration to rename it.

House M.D. 7×01 Now What?
Absolute Huddy overdose. I’m usually not that big of a shipper. But I really, really loved this episode. House and Cuddy were so great together. It felt so right and absolutely honest.
I have no clue why Thirteen left (real-world and in-universe) but I was surprised at how it didn’t bother me at all. I never had anything against her but I’m already not missing her.

Gossip Girl 4×02 Double Identity
Of course Chuck is back. Gossip Girl wouldn’t be the same without him. But for now it’s not the old Chuck that is back and that could be interesting. I really liked him and his new attitude. It basically continues the development of this character if one ignores the huge elephant that was the last third of the last season. But no matter what Chuck Bass he is, he can always say “I’m Chuck Bass.”. 🙂
That Georgina’s baby isn’t Dan’s comes at no surprise to me (an AB+ father cannot have an O- baby, that’s biologically impossible – wow, I did remember something from school after all! ;)).