TV Season 2010/2011 Diary #4

Chuck 4×01 Chuck vs. the Anniversary
Loved it how Ivan Drago described Chuck and Morgan as two awesome spies that avoid discovery by using public transportation. 😉 I also liked the Indiana Jones/Nerd Herder way of showing the travel route. I liked pretty much everything about this episode – except for one thing: I will miss the Buy More personnel like Big Mike. I doubt they find a way to integrate them into this Buy More.

How I Met Your Mother 6×01 Big Days
We are still no step further towards the mother. And the episode itself wasn’t that funny. The only really noteworthy thing for me was that Alyson’s breasts are still larger than usual while Cobie’s are back to normal size (in comparison to their respective real-world pre-pregnancy state).
I don’t know, somehow the fun of this show is gone…

Castle 3×01 A Deadly Affair
Aww, they are back together. I don’t mind this whole will-they-or-won’t-they because these two have a great chemistry even when she is mad at him. I also loved how he was always the first at the crime scene (even on the first one as cardboard stand-up), it was a nice running gag.

Two and a Half Men 8×01 Three Girls and a Guy Named Bud
Charlie is still the same and he still has it. The show is still very funny – mainly due to Charlie’s very own view of the world.