Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

The last time I watched such an awful movie in the theatre, was Beowulf. And even then I didn’t have that many facepalms as this time.

Basically everything was abysmal: The script itself, the dialogues and sometimes even the special effects. What does it say about a movie when a TV production like Xena: Warrior Princess does a better job at portraying a giant speaking to a normal-sized person? Not once did they manage to get the line of sight right, the giants always spoke to the shoulder or someone (who wasn’t there) behind the actual person.

The dialogues! “I go into Hades!” – “Do you know where it is?” – “Uh, you are right, I totally did not think about that!”
“Your father built this house for you.” (non-dialogue: “Until an hour ago it was never planned for you to ever come here but the viewer certainly won’t notice that…”).
“The stench of your stepfather hid your own scent from the Gods.”

And don’t get me started about this entire training camp and the Capture-the-Flag game…

When they were in Vegas they ate some Lotus blossoms which had a narcotic affect on them – I believe that is the only thing that would get me through this movie a second time. That or loads of alcohol.

Even the end credits joke was predictable and incredibly lame.

The dubbing was equally bad but I honestly don’t think it made the movie worse than it already is.