The Dresden Files

There’s a book series out there with currently 17 (of an estimated 20) books published. Each book has ~300 pages and can be read on a weekend.

It’s about a real wizard (Harry Dresden) living in modern day Chicago. He’s a PI and solves crimes of the supernatural kind that the general public can’t handle and chooses to turn a blind eye towards.

The first book is not the best written novel but it already pulls you in and it goes only up from there.

Jim Butcher, the author, draws from all kinds of Human mythology and mixes them all together. Whatever creature you ever heard of, in Dresden’s world that creature probably exists.

Aside from the written novels, all are also available on Audible (with excerpt track) and all are read by James Marsters (Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Just like the first novel, the audio book was a new experience for Marsters, so it’s a bit rougher, but he grows into the role quickly and for me, Marsters’ voice will forever be that of Harry Dresden.