TV Shows/Episodes Watched in 2020 – November

Nov 01
Smallville 1×20 Obscura
Castle 2×24 A Deadly Game
Yellowstone 1×01 Daybreak
Total: 2h 58m

Nov 02
Total: 0m

Nov 03
Total: 0m

Nov 04
Total: 0m

Nov 05
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Nov 01, 2020 Trump’s response to COVID-19 (“Coronavirus XI”), William Barr, and unitary executive theory
Total: 45m

Nov 06
Cobra Kai 1×01 Ace Degenerate
Cobra Kai 1×02 Strike First
Cobra Kai 1×03 Esqueleto
Cobra Kai 1×04 Cobra Kai Never Dies
Cobra Kai 1×05 Counterbalance
Cobra Kai 1×06 Quiver
Arrow 2×05 League of Assassins
Yellowstone 1×02 Kill the Messenger
Total: 4h 21m

Nov 07
Cobra Kai 1×07 All Valley
Cobra Kai 1×08 Molting
Cobra Kai 1×09 Different but Same
Cobra Kai 1×10 Mercy
Cobra Kai 2×01 Mercy (Part 2)
Total: 2h 39m

Nov 08
Real Time with Bill Maher Nov 06, 2020 Tristan Harris, Rosa Brooks, Malcolm Nance
B Positive 1×01 Pilot
Superstore 5×21 California (Part 1)
Superstore 6×01 Essential
Superstore 6×02 California (2)
Castle 3×01 A Deadly Affair
Total: 3h 7m

Nov 09
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Nov 08, 2020 2020 United States election results
Total: 29m

Nov 10
The West Wing 2×01 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (1)
The West Wing 2×02 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (2)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5×19 Tough Love
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5×20 Spiral
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5×21 The Weight of the World
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5×22 The Gift
Angel 2×20 Over the Rainbow
Smallville 1×21 Tempest
Total: 5h 43m

Nov 11
Die Anstalt 03.11.2020
Total: 44m

Nov 12
Total: 0m

Nov 13
Suits 1×12 Dog Fight
Total: 42m

Nov 14
Superstore 6×03 Floor Supervisor
B Positive 1×02 Die Alysis
Real Time with Bill Maher Nov 13, 2020 Jenna Ellis, Max Brooks, Caitlin Flanagan
Wilmore 1×09 2020-11-13 Landscape
S.W.A.T. 3×21 Diablo
Total: 2h 49m

Nov 15
S.W.A.T. 4×01 3 Seventeen Year Olds
S.W.A.T. 4×02 Stakeout
Chernobyl 1×02 Please Remain Calm
Chernobyl 1×03 Open Wide, O Earth
The Unicorn 1×01 Pilot
Total: 3h 49m

Nov 16
Smallville 2×01 Vortex
The Unicorn 1×02 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Nov 15, 2020 2020 United States elections and consequences of Trump’s refusal to concede
Total: 1h 34m

Nov 17
The Unicorn 1×03 Widow’s Group
The Neighborhood 3×01 Welcome to the Movement
The Unicorn 1×04 The Unicorn and the Catfish
The Unicorn 1×05 No Small Parts
Total: 1h 26m

Nov 18
The Unicorn 1×06 Three Men Out
The Unicorn 1×07 Wade Delayed
The Unicorn 1×08 Turkeys and Traditions
The Unicorn 1×09 No Pressure
The Unicorn 1×10 Anna and the Unicorn
The Unicorn 1×11 If It Doesn’t Spark Joy
The Unicorn 1×12 It Isn’t Romantic
The Unicorn 1×13 Worst Case Scenario
The Unicorn 1×14 The Wade Beneath My Wings
The Unicorn 1×15 Everyone’s a Winner
Total: 3h 35m

Nov 19
The Unicorn 1×16 The Client
The Unicorn 1×17 Caroline, No
The Unicorn 1×18 No Matter What the Future Brings
Total: 1h 5m

Nov 20
Justified 1×01 Fire in the Hole
The Unicorn 2×01 There’s Something About Whoever-She-Was
The Unicorn 2×02 It’s Complicated
B Positive 1×03 Foreign Bodies
Superstore 6×04 Prize Wheel
S.W.A.T. 4×03 The Black Hand Man
Total: 2h 59m

Nov 21
The Boys 2×01 The Big Ride
The Boys 2×02 Proper Preparation and Planning
The Boys 2×03 Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men
The Boys 2×04 Nothing Like It in the World
The Boys 2×05 We Gotta Go Now
The Boys 2×06 The Bloody Doors Off
The Boys 2×07 Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
Total: 7h 10m

Nov 22
The Boys 2×08 What I Know
Real Time with Bill Maher Nov 20, 2020 Michael Eric Dyson, Alex Wagner, Jon Meacham
Perry Mason (2020) 1×05 Chapter Five
Perry Mason (2020) 1×06 Chapter Six
Perry Mason (2020) 1×07 Chapter Seven
Perry Mason (2020) 1×08 Chapter Eight
FBI 3×01 Never Trust a Stranger
FBI: Most Wanted 2×01 Rampage
Chicago P.D. 1×01 Stepping Stone
Angel 2×21 Through the Looking Glass
Total: 9h 1m

Nov 23
Angel 2×22 There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
Total: 43m

Nov 24
Total: 0m

Nov 25
Smallville 2×02 Heat
The Neighborhood 3×02 Welcome to the Election
The Professionals (2020) 1×01 Snipe Hunt
FBI 3×02 Unreasonable Doubt
Total: 2h 36m

Nov 26
FBI: Most Wanted 2×02 Execute
Total: 40m

Nov 27
Castle 3×02 He’s Dead, She’s Dead
Suits 2×01 She Knows
Castle 3×03 Under the Gun
All Rise 2×01 A Change Is Gonna Come (1)
Total: 2h 54m

Nov 28
All Rise 2×02 Keep Ya Head Up (2)
The Big Bang Theory 1×01 Pilot
Baby Daddy 1×01 Pilot
Yellowstone 1×03 No Good Horses
Yellowstone 1×04 The Long Black Train
Yellowstone 1×05 Coming Home
Yellowstone 1×06 The Remembering
Yellowstone 1×07 A Monster Is Among Us
Yellowstone 1×08 The Unravelling (1)
Yellowstone 1×09 The Unravelling (2)
Yellowstone 2×01 A Thundering
Yellowstone 2×02 New Beginnings
Yellowstone 2×03 The Reek of Desperation
Yellowstone 2×04 Only Devils Left
Total: 9h 57m

Nov 29
Angel 3×01 Heartthrob
Yellowstone 2×05 Touching Your Enemy
Yellowstone 2×06 Blood the Boy
Yellowstone 2×07 Resurrection Day
Yellowstone 2×08 Behind Us Only Grey
Yellowstone 2×09 Enemies by Monday
Yellowstone 2×10 Sins of the Father
Total: 5h 20m

Nov 30
Castle 3×04 Punked
I Hate Suzie 1×01 Shock
I Hate Suzie 1×02 Denial
Total: 1h 48m

Total: 3d 6h 53m
Average: 2h 38m per day