TV Shows/Episodes Watched in 2020 – May

May 01
Psych 4×03 High Noon-ish
Doctor Who (2005) 5×06 The Vampires of Venice
Glee 1×08 Mash-Up
S.W.A.T. 3×18 Stigma
S.W.A.T. 3×19 Vice
S.W.A.T. 3×20 Wild Ones
Last Man Standing 8×21 How You Like Them Pancakes?
Total: 4h 39m

May 02
Lucifer 1×09 A Priest Walks into a Bar
Real Time with Bill Maher May 01, 2020 Eric Holder, Bret Stephens, Matt Taibbi
FBI: Most Wanted 1×13 Grudge
Chicago Fire 8×16 The Tendency of a Drowning Victim
Chicago Fire 8×17 Protect a Child
Chicago Fire 8×18 I’ll Cover You
Chicago Fire 8×19 Light Things Up
Chicago Fire 8×20 51’s Original Bell
Chicago Med 5×17 The Ghosts of the Past
Chicago Med 5×18 In the Name of Love
Chicago Med 5×19 Just a River in Egypt
Total: 7h 38m

May 03
Chicago Med 5×20 A Needle in the Heart
Chicago P.D. 7×17 Before the Fall
Chicago P.D. 7×18 Lines
Chicago P.D. 7×19 Buried Secrets
Chicago P.D. 7×20 Silence of the Night
The O.C. 1×18 The Truth
The O.C. 1×19 The Heartbreak
House M.D. 1×07 Fidelity
House M.D. 1×08 Poison
House M.D. 1×09 DNR
Total: 6h 54m

May 04
Total: 0m

May 05
The Good Place 1x01x02 Everything Is Fine – Flying
The Neighborhood 2×21 Welcome to the Speed Bump
The Neighborhood 2×22 Welcome to the Campaign
New Girl 1×12 The Landlord
Total: 1h 45m

May 06
Doctor Who (2005) 5×07 Amy’s Choice
Die Anstalt May 05, 2020 Episode 51
Angel 1×21 Blind Date
Parks & Recreation 2×06 Kaboom
FBI: Most Wanted 1×14 Getaway
Chuck 3×10 Chuck Versus the Tic Tac
Angel 1×22 To Shanshu in L.A.
Total: 4h 40m

May 07
The Rookie 2×18 Under the Gun
The Rookie 2×19 The Q Word
Arrow 1×02 Honor Thy Father
Total: 2h 6m

May 08
Glee 1×09 Wheels
Glee 1×10 Ballad
Total: 1h 27m

May 09
Psych 4×04 The Devil’s in the Details…And in the Upstairs Bedroom
SEAL Team 3×20 No Choice in Duty
Angel 2×01 Judgement
Dexter 4×12 The Getaway
Lucifer 1×10 Pops
Total: 2h 50m

May 10
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver May 03, 2020 COVID-19 testing
Real Time with Bill Maher May 08, 2020 Justin Amash, Amy Holmes, Dan Savage
All Rise 1×21 Dancing at Los Angeles
Smallville 1×07 Craving
Smallville 1×08 Jitters
The Blacklist 7×11 Victoria Fenberg (No. 137)
The Blacklist 7×12 Cornelius Ruck (No. 155)
The Blacklist 7×13 Newton Purcell (No. 144)
The Blacklist 7×14 Twamie Ullulaq (No. 126)
Total: 6h 25m

May 11
The Rookie 2×20 The Hunt
Total: 42m

May 12
The Good Place 1×03 Tahani Al-Jamil
New Girl 1×13 Valentine’s Day
Parks & Recreation 2×07 Greg Pikitis
Total: 1h 4m

May 13
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver May 10, 2020 United States Postal Service and Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006
Total: 29m

May 14
Castle 2×01 Deep in Death
Arrow 1×03 Lone Gunmen
Glee 1×11 Hairography
Chuck 3×11 Chuck Versus the Final Exam
House M.D. 1×10 Histories (House M.D.: Season 1: Disc 3)
Arrow 1×04 An Innocent Man
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle 1×01 Truth, Justice and the American Way
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle 1×02 Great Power, Great Responsibility
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle 1×03 A Hero Can Be Anyone
Total: 7h 0m

May 15
The Good Place 1×04 Jason Mendoza
Angel 2×02 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been
The O.C. 1×20 The Telenovela
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1×07 Angel
Total: 2h 31m

May 16
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×08 The Takeback
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×09 Dillman
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×10 Admiral Peralta
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×11 Valloweaster
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×12 Ransom
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×13 Lights Out
The Blacklist 7×15 Gordon Kemp (No. 158)
The Blacklist 7×16 Nyle Hatcher (No. 149)
The Blacklist 7×17 Brothers
The Blacklist 7×18 Roy Cain (No. 150)
The Blacklist 7×19 The Kazanjian Brothers (No. 156 & 157)
Almost Paradise 1×01 Finding Mabuhay
Almost Paradise 1×02 It’s Personal
Total: 7h 1m

May 17
Almost Paradise 1×03 Reef Eel Soup for the Soul
Almost Paradise 1×04 Pistol Whip
Almost Paradise 1×05 Unbecalming
Almost Paradise 1×06 Rise of the Kalangay
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5×01 Buffy vs. Dracula
Total: 3h 35m

May 18
Heroes 1×09 Chapter Nine ‘Homecoming’
Heroes 1×10 Chapter Ten ‘Six Months Ago’
Almost Paradise 1×07 Uncle Danny
All Rise 1×01 Pilot
Arrow 2×08 The Scientist
Arrow 2×09 Three Ghosts
The Flash 1×01 City of Heroes
The Flash 1×04 Going Rogue
Total: 5h 43m

May 19
Smallville 1×03 Hothead
Suits 1×02 Errors and Omissions
Parks & Recreation 2×08 Ron and Tammy
New Girl 1×14 Bully
Psych 4×05 Shawn Has the Yips
Almost Paradise 1×08 Lone Wolf
The Big Bang Theory 8×12 The Space Probe Disintegration
The Big Bang Theory 8×13 The Anxiety Optimization
The Big Bang Theory 8×14 The Troll Manifestation
The Big Bang Theory 8×15 The Comic Book Store Regeneration
The Big Bang Theory 8×16 The Intimacy Acceleration
The Big Bang Theory 12x23x24 The Change Constant / The Stockholm Syndrome
Total: 5h 58m

May 20
All Rise 1×02 Long Day’s Journey into ICE
All Rise 1×03 Sweet Bird of Truth
All Rise 1×04 A View from the Bus
Total: 2h 9m

May 21
All Rise 1×05 Devotees in the Courthouse of Love
All Rise 1×06 Fool for Liv
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey 1×01 Standing Up in the Milky Way
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey 1×02 Some of the Things That Molecules Do
Arrow 1×05 Damaged
Total: 3h 38m

May 22
Castle 2×02 The Double Down
All Rise 1×07 Uncommon Women and Mothers
All Rise 1×08 Maricela and the Desert
All Rise 1×09 How to Succeed in Law Without Really Re-trying
All Rise 1×10 Dripsy
All Rise 1×11 The Wizard of Joy
All Rise 1×12 What the Constitution Greens to Me
Total: 4h 58m

May 23
Doctor Who (2005) 5×08 The Hungry Earth
Doctor Who (2005) 5×09 Cold Blood
The Good Place 1×05 Category 55 Doomsday Crisis
Chuck 3×12 Chuck Versus the American Hero
All Rise 1×13 What the Bailiff Saw
All Rise 1×14 Bye Bye Bernie
All Rise 1×15 Prelude to a Fish
All Rise 1×16 My Fair Lockdown
All Rise 1×17 I Love You, You’re Perfect, I Think
All Rise 1×18 The Tale of Three Arraignments
Total: 6h 51m

May 24
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver May 17, 2020 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sports, Jelle’s Marble Runs & Marble League 2020
Real Time with Bill Maher May 22, 2020 Thomas Friedman, Michael Moore, Dr. Cate Shanahan
All Rise 1×19 In the Fights
All Rise 1×20 Merrily We Ride Along
All Rise 1×21 Dancing at Los Angeles
Hudson & Rex 1×01 The Hunt
Lucifer 1×11 St. Lucifer
Total: 5h 4m

May 25
Pointless Celebrities May 23, 2020 Sci-Fi and Fantasy
FBI: Most Wanted 1×01 Dopesick
Night Court 1×01 All You Need Is Love
Total: 1h 55m

May 26
New Girl 1×15 Injured
The Good Place 1×06 What We Owe to Each Other
Parks & Recreation 2×09 The Camel
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×08 Legends of To-Meow-Meow
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 2×22 The Wire
Total: 2h 31m

May 27
Almost Paradise 1×09 A Wedding to Die For
The Librarians 2×03 And What Lies Beneath the Stones
Total: 1h 25m

May 28
Castle 2×03 Inventing the Girl
Total: 41m

May 29
Terra X: Fight for Germania – The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
Total: 1h 30m

May 30
Doctor Who (2005) 5×10 Vincent and the Doctor
Total: 47m

May 31
Lucifer 1×12 #TeamLucifer
Lucifer 1×01 Pilot
Lucifer 1×02 Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.
Total: 2h 13m

Total: 4d 10h 8m
Average: 3h 25m per day