TV Shows/Episodes Watched in 2019 – May

May 01
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2×21 Becoming- Part 1
Pointless 2019-04-30 Episode #21.34
The Red Line 1×02 We Are Each Other’s Harvest
The Code 1×04 Back on the Block
Total: 2h 53m

May 02
Total: 0m

May 03
Total: 0m

May 04
Chuck 1×09 Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami
Superstore 4×18 Cloud Green
Veronica Mars 1×08 Like a Virgin
Real Time with Bill Maher 2019-05-03 Jay Inslee, Moby, Kara Swisher, Bret Stephens, Bakari Sellers
The Big Bang Theory 12×21 The Plagiarism Schism
Last Man Standing 7×21 The Favourite
SEAL Team 2×20 Rock Bottom
The Jim Jefferies Show 2019-04-30 Addicted to Everything
Total: 4h 29m

May 05
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6×15 Return of the King
S.W.A.T. 2×20 Rocket Fuel
S.W.A.T. 2×21 Day of Dread
The Blacklist 6×20 Guillermo Rizal (No. 128)
Young Sheldon 2×19 A Political Campaign and a Candy Land Cheater
Young Sheldon 2×20 A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross
Smallville 8×06 Prey
Man with a Plan 3×12 Clean Country Living
Total: 4h 13m

May 06
Pointless 2019-05-01 Episode #21.35
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 2019-05-05 Lethal injection and midazolam
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2×22 Becoming- Part 2
Total: 1h 57m

May 07
Doctor Who (2005) 2×12 Army of Ghosts
Pointless 2019-05-02 Episode #21.36
Barry 2×06 The Truth Has a Ring to It
Man with a Plan 3×13 The Intervention(s)
The Code 1×05 Maggie’s Drawers
Pointless 2019-05-03 Episode #21.37
Total: 3h 47m

May 08
Pointless 2019-05-06 Episode #21.38
Pointless 2019-05-07 Episode #21.39
The Jim Jefferies Show 2019-05-07 Giving Kids in Foster Care a Leg Up
Smallville 2×21 Accelerate
Total: 2h 33m

May 09
Lucifer 4×01 Everything’s Okay
Lucifer 4×02 Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno
Lucifer 4×03 O, Ye of Little Faith, Father
Lucifer 4×04 All About Eve
Total: 3h 15m

May 10
Lucifer 4×05 Expire Erect
Lucifer 4×06 Orgy Pants to Work
Lucifer 4×07 Devil Is as Devil Does
Lucifer 4×08 Super Bad Boyfriend
Lucifer 4×09 Save Lucifer
Lucifer 4×10 Who’s da New King of Hell?
Chuck 1×10 Chuck Versus the Nemesis
Total: 5h 47m

May 11
Psych 1×15 Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6×16 Cinco de Mayo
Real Time with Bill Maher 2019-05-10 Michael Lewis, Tim Ryan, Van Jones, Nayyera Haq, Matt Lewis
Last Man Standing 7×22 A Moving Finale
Superstore 4×19 Scanners
Superstore 4×20 #Cloud9Fail
The Big Bang Theory 12×22 The Maternal Conclusion
Single Parents 1×23 Ketchup
SEAL Team 2×21 My Life for Yours
The Red Line 1x03x04 For We Meet by One or the Other / We Need Glory For a While
The Blacklist 6×21 Anna McMahon (No. 60)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×13 Egg MacGuffin
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×14 Nip/Stuck
Total: 7h 57m

May 12
Pointless 2019-05-08 Episode #21.40
Total: 44m

May 13
Total: 0m

May 14
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3×01 Anne
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2×09 What’s My Line- Part 1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2×10 What’s My Line- Part 2
Barry 2×07 The Audition
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 2019-05-12 Green New Deal and carbon pricing
Total: 3h 14m

May 15
Doctor Who (2005) 2×13 Doomsday
Total: 46m

May 16
Total: 0m

May 17
The Big Bang Theory 12x23x24 The Change Constant / The Stockholm Syndrome
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6×17 Sicko
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6×18 Suicide Squad
Superstore 4×21 Sandra’s Fight
Superstore 4×22 Employee Appreciation Day
Young Sheldon 2×22 A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast
Supergirl 1×18 Worlds Finest
Total: 3h 12m

May 18
Person of Interest 1×01 Pilot
The Blacklist 6×22 Robert Diaz (No. 15)
Real Time with Bill Maher 2019-05-17 Fran Lebowitz, Jonathan Metzl, James Kirchick, George Packer, Neera Tanden
Dexter 2×01 It’s Alive!
Dexter 2×02 Waiting to Exhale
Dexter 2×03 An Inconvenient Lie
Dexter 2×04 See-Through
Dexter 2×05 The Dark Defender
Dexter 2×06 Dex, Lies, and Videotape
Dexter 2×07 That Night, a Forest Grew
The Flash 5×19 Snow Pack
The Flash 5×20 Gone Rogue
Total: 9h 50m

May 19
The Flash 5×21 The Girl with the Red Lightning
The Flash 5×22 Legacy
The Jim Jefferies Show 2019-05-14 Dividing the United States
The Code 1×06 1st Civ Div
Total: 2h 28m

May 20
Barry 2×08 berkman > block
Supergirl 4×19 American Dreamer
Supergirl 4×20 Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?
Supergirl 4×21 Red Dawn
Supergirl 4×22 The Quest for Peace
Total: 3h 27m

May 21
Psych 2×01 American Duos
Chuck 1×11 Chuck Versus the Crown Vic
The Code 1×07 Above the Knee
Total: 2h 6m

May 22
Veronica Mars 1×09 Drinking the Kool-Aid
Veronica Mars 1×10 An Echolls Family Christmas
Raising Hope 1×01 Pilot
Total: 1h 44m

May 23
SEAL Team 2×22 Never Out of the Fight
The Jim Jefferies Show 2019-05-21 The Cost of Trading Away Freedom
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 2019-05-19 Autopsies, coroners, and medical examiners
Total: 1h 34m

May 24
Doctor Who (2005) 3×00 The Runaway Bride
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3×02 Dead Man’s Party
Chicago Med 4×19 Never Let You Go
Chicago Med 4×20 More Harm Than Good
Chicago Med 4×21 Forever Hold Your Peace
Chicago Med 4×22 With a Brave Heart
Chicago Fire 7×19 Until the Weather Breaks
Chicago Fire 7×20 Try Like Hell
Total: 5h 49m

May 25
Chicago Fire 7×21 The White Whale
Chicago Fire 7×22 I’m Not Leaving You
Chicago P.D. 6×19 What Could Have Been
Chicago P.D. 6×20 Sacrifice
Chicago P.D. 6×21 Confession
Chicago P.D. 6×22 Reckoning
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×15 Terms of Service
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×16 Hey, World!
The Red Line 1x05x06 One Day We May Be More than a Body / We Turn Up This Music Louder Than a Mother’s Cry
Total: 6h 56m

May 26
The Red Line 1x07x08 I Must Tell You What We Have Inherited / This Victory Alone Is Not The Change We Seek
Smallville 1×18 Drone
Smallville 3×18 Truth
Smallville 4×12 Pariah
The Resident 2×20 If Not Now, When?
The Resident 2×21 Stuck as Foretold
The Resident 2×22 Broker and Broker
The Resident 2×23 The Unbefriended
Total: 6h 30m

May 27
Total: 0m

May 28
Dexter 2×08 Morning Comes
Human Target 1×01 Pilot
Person of Interest 1×02 Ghosts
Total: 2h 13m

May 29
Chuck 1×12 Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover
Psych 2×02 Sixty Five Million Years Off
Total: 1h 24m

May 30
Total: 0m

May 31
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3×03 Faith, Hope & Trick
Veronica Mars 1×11 Silence of the Lamb
Total: 1h 26m

Total: 3d 18h 12m
Average: 2h 55m per day