MacGyver (2016)

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His name is MacGyver, Angus MacGyver. He doesn’t like guns.

But that’s OK, because his best friend Jack Dalton uses them plenty.

Mac and Jack work covertly for the government and their boss is Patricia Thornton.

The third team member is Nikki Carpenter, a computer hacker. But she gets killed on their latest mission and gets replaced with an ex-con by the name of Riley Davis.

Together they retrieve items and people from places where the government officially can’t go.

It’s MacGyver in name only. They try to do the same stuff like the voice-over by Mac and the technical gizmos, but it’s just not the same. Just like the The A-Team movie was not The A-Team.

I don’t think it was bad. It was certainly enjoyable to watch. But in the end it is a generic action show. It doesn’t offend, it doesn’t bring shame to the name. But it’s also nothing special, nothing that screams “Watch me!”.

Personally, I think Tristin Mays (Riley) is more beautiful than Tracy Spiridakos (Nikki). But I do find it weird that every single show needs at least one quota person of colour. Even when you only have three main actors.

I don’t mind it, I never did. I never did mind Mr. T. Mr. T was awesome! But with the constant barrage of equal representation demands like #OscarsSoWhite I just notice it and wonder if a channel would ever dare to air a new show with an all-white cast.

I also watch The Carmichael Show which is an all-black show. No one demands equality there. 😉

But a different topic: When will movie makers be able to make a CGI explosion not look totally fake?