I’m slowly falling behind

I hate real life.

Yes I know, it’s bringing in the money and with it the food and the DVDs but still.

There are just so many seasons I still want to watch but I don’t find the time.

And every year there are new shows coming out that seem interesting and you discover old ones that also appeal to you.

But you can’t watch them all so you have to make the tough choices.

For me that means I’m dropping everything I’m only still watching out of habit.

From this year’s batch I dropped Mom. I started to watch it because it was a Chuck Lorre show but I just don’t find it to be that entertaining. I’m also dropping Trophy Wife.

And even though I enjoyed the pilot episodes I probably won’t continue with Almost Human and Intelligence.

If it weren’t the last season of How I Met Your Mother I would drop it as well because it hasn’t been truly funny for a couple of years now. I’ve also axed Bones from my personal schedule last year because I became bored with the characters and the setting and the evermore gorier corpses.

And another casualty from the Chuck Lorre team is Mike & Molly. I really enjoyed the first three seasons but this year they’ve changed their tune and every episode seems to be focused on Melissa McCarthy’s slapstick humour and the charm of the show seems to be evaporated. I will probably cancel Two and a Half Men after this season as well…

I also dropped Supernatural after its fifth season. I always intended to catch up on that but postponed it year after year after year. Now I’m four years behind and I think I will just let it be.

There are two shows that are standing on the edge: Dexter and 24.

Dexter did get worse towards the end and when the last season started I waited ’til it was over so I could watch it in one go. But then I read the reviews (and also accidentally the spoilers) where everyone was trashing the last season and I asked myself: Is it really worth it spending 12 hours watching a show when you’re probably going to be pissed at it?

With 24 it was pretty much the same. Season 7 was good again (IMO) but it had become repetitive over the years. But now with the new mini-series coming out I’m reconsidering to watch it after all.

As far as old shows go, I still need to watch the last five(!) seasons of The West Wing, six(!!) seasons of Gilmore Girls and almost all(!!!) of Friday Night Lights. I had never seen these shows on live television but from what I’ve seen I can tell that they speak to me and that’s why I want to watch then – when I find the time.

And this is what I still need to watch in regards to current shows (in alphabetical – not preference – order):

Breaking Bad: Season 4 + 5
Burn Notice: Season 7
House of Lies: Season 3 + 4
Justified: Season 4 + 5
Mad Men: Season 5 + 6
White Collar: Season 4

But for now, I’m going to finish season 2 of House of Cards