8000 Hours of DVD Material

I’m getting sloppy. It’s been two months since I broke through the 8000 hours barrier.

For a statistics freak like me this is a major failure.

By the way: I haven’t even watched Date Night yet. šŸ˜‰

The general picture has not really changed, I still buy thrice the running time in TV shows than I do in movies (6000 hours: ~4500 hours vs. ~1500 hours / now: 6092 hours vs. 1933 hours).

But I notice that when I buy TV shows I’m still buying way more on DVD than I do on Blu-ray. For me, Blu-ray is reserved for the big action pictures, not for the random RomCom from the bargain bin.

It took only 23 months to accumulate another 2000 hours of material. That’s 2.74 hours a day just to watch DVDs. Luckily I don’t watch regular TV. šŸ˜‰