XOXO Gossip Girl

I am normally not the fan of teen dramas but maybe Smallville has softened me for the topic. And when I learned that Veronica Mars/Kristen Bell was Gossip Girl (off-screen voice only), I thought I gave it a chance.

I’ve never really watched 90210 (the original), Melrose Place, The O.C. or this show with mother and daughter (something with “Girls”, I can’t remember).

But GG somehow sucked me in. I can’t really put my finger on the why, but I found these characters very interesting, even though the dice of chance was clearly filed off sometimes.

Yesterday and today I watched the complete second season and I curious to know how they are going to transport the show from high school (where they were all together) to college level where some are at Yale, some at Brown and some at NYU (but they way they are drinking, some will surely also land in the ICU). But the final episode gave some nice hints towards possible disasters that are about to happen, and I will “tune in” on September 15 to watch it.

PS: That’s also the reason why my marathons are going rather slowly, I am currently trying to find new stuff I have missed and I am preparing for the new TV season this autumn.