"Not do: Dead." – Monday Mornings

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“Monday Mornings” are conferences within the Chelsea General Hospital and these conferences are about all the things that went wrong. Malpractices, patient deaths and social misbehaviour. But it also shows parts of the private life of the doctors working there and their different approaches to their chosen profession.

Monday Mornings was developed by David E. Kelley who’s more known as a developer of law(yer) shows just as Ally McBeal or Boston Legal. And in the end this show is not so different, because the MM conferences are basically the closing arguments of a trial where everyone explains their point of view of what went wrong.

The cast is well chosen and has a wide range of different actors and characters: There is Alfred Molina (Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2) as the Chief of Staff and "Inquisitor", then there is Ving Rhames (Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction) and also Jamie Bamber (Apollo from Battlestar Galactica) and Sarayu Rao (Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory compared her to Princess Panchali from The Monkey and The Princess).
And last but no least Keong Sim as Dr. Park, whom I have not seen before. He is responsible for the title quote because his grammar is rather lacking which makes his statements very short and very to the point when he tries to convince a patient to undergo a procedure: "Do: Maybe live. Not do: Dead."