Man on a Ledge

Director: Asger Leth

Sam Worthington … Nick Cassidy
William Sadler … Valet
Anthony Mackie … Mike Ackerman
Jamie Bell … Joey Cassidy
Genesis Rodriguez … Angie
Edward Burns … Jack Dougherty
Titus Welliver … Dante Marcus
Elizabeth Banks … Lydia Mercer
Kyra Sedgwick … Suzie Morales
Ed Harris … David Englander

Synopsis: Nick Cassidy is a former cop, then prison inmate, now wanted fugitive. When the police finds him next they don’t yet know who he is but he’s standing on the window ledge of a hotel window on the 21st floor threatening to jump. Everything he does seems only to further one goal: Buying time and hiding what his companions are really doing. Namely braking into the vault of the man who has framed him in the first place.

My Opinion: I planned on watching this movie in the cinema but it didn’t work out. So this was a blind buy for me.
I enjoyed it in general but I thought that the actual break-in into the vault was a bit too easy considering the values stored in there. Especially with the heat sensor within the vault which seemed to be too bored to go off when she entered it.
When it comes to recent bank-heist movies I still prefer Inside Man.