Outlander (2008)

Director: Howard McCain

Jim Caviezel … Kainan
Sophia Myles … Freya
Jack Huston … Wulfric
John Hurt … Rothgar
Ron Perlman … Gunnar

Synopsis: Earth is actually an abandoned colony by the human race and of not much importance.
In the year 709 by our reckoning a spaceship crashes in the cold of Scandinavia. Aboard is a surviving soldier … and something else. Soon he’s captured by the local Norse warriors who think of him as a member of a rivalling tribe.
But then a beast of myth starts attacking their village except that this “dragon” is real and only the Outlander can help them defeat it.

My Opinion: I’ve had this movie for a while in my collection but never came around to watch it. But then Jim Caviezel came into my focus thanks to Person of Interest.
I enjoyed this movie very much. I love the supernatural battles of old (the Trojan War, the Odyssey) and in recent times there haven’t been many good films about that topic – does someone dare to remember Beowolf or Clash of the Titans (2010)? *shudder*
I also liked that the background of the beast is reasonably explained and not just having it there for the sake of the plot.