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Chuck 3×16 Chuck vs the Tooth
I already like this new mini-arc (there are only three episodes left). My guess for the end is something like this: Ellie and Orion get caught by the Ring and Chuck and Sarah have to burst in to save them and thus revealing themselves.
I loved to see Christopher Lloyd in this episode and while I only know him as “elderly person” I was a bit surprised how old he actually looked now (he’s 71 after all…). On TV Tropes there’s a trope called “Running the Asylum”. It has a different meaning but I loved the idea that an inmate of the Cuckoo’s Nest is now the chief psychiatrist for an asylum full of spies. πŸ˜‰
Spoiler (mark to read):
Since I’ve read that they introduce yet another game-changer into the finale my guess would be that Orion removes the Intersect from Chuck’s head for good. Except for the Karate they didn’t make much use of it this season anyway (or at least I have that feeling). I think Chuck is ready to be a spy in his own right and they don’t actually need the Intersect as plot device anymore.

The Big Bang Theory 3×21 The Plimpton Stimulation
“You are my landlord and you are my movers. And I can’t pay any of you.” Great episode. It was a great fun in itself.
I’m still somewhat troubled over that whole break-up thing. I don’t have the feeling that they’ve actually explained why they’ve broken up. Penny just ran out on him and that was it. No real aftermath or real explanation. For me that makes it a bit unreal.

10 Things I Hate About You 1×16 Too Much Information
The first episode was a bit anvilicious (modelling & eating disorders…) but I liked that Kat tried to help Patrick open up.

10 Things I Hate About You 1×17 Just One Kiss
I liked the second episode better, especially with bringing Blank/William back.

Bones 5×21 The Boy with the Answer
I liked it that they brought the Gravedigger case again. I also liked that the writers and actors made me really hate her for attacking “my people” by questioning their integrity.
I also smell change coming. When characters start to question their own purpose and goals right before the season ends, most of the time they are going to change the concept of the show (at least for a while).

Castle 2×22 / 2×23 Food to Die For / Overkill
On the one side I like this little rivalry between Castle and Theft guy as long as it’s on the fun side. But when you see him hurt at the end, it’s just sad. Rationally I know it’s the foundation of these shows but emotionally I like them both (Castle & Beckett) enough to not wanting to see either of them hurt.

Community 1×24 English as a Second Language
It couldn’t top last week’s episode (but I think that’s pretty much impossible – and that in turn is amazing for a first season episode). But I thoroughly enjoyed Good Will Hunting meets Disney Eyes.
And just when I thought this was the season finale, I learned that there’s another episode coming.

Cougar Town 1×22 / 1×23 Feeling a Whole Lot Better / Breakdown
The red balloon story that wove through both episodes was so funny because of all the physical comedy involved. But I also liked the elongated and well structured graduation speech Travis gave and the reasons why he emphasised on his father.

Gossip Girl 3×20 It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World
It was an average episode that was just the warm-up for the next one.

Gossip Girl 3×21 Ex-Husbands and Wives
I loved it how everybody turned to Queen B. and how the gang worked together to foil Dr. Evil van der Woodsen’s plan. It was only sad that S. got hurt in the process but at least no one did it intentionally.
The end worries me though; I just hope N. doesn’t make a huge mistake now. Little J. has done enough damage already.
(see how I did Gossip Speak there? I always find it funny how nobody seems to have a complete name on that show. ;))

Happy Town
Since the show was already put on a break AND has been cancelled, I don’t even bother to watch the second episode.

House M.D. 6×19 The Choice
A good episode. I liked it how they didn’t verbally judge him for lying to himself about his sexuality. But they made it clear that he’s lying to himself.
And I always love karaoke pieces, especially when the characters/actors also seem to have a lot of fun with it.

Veronica Mars:



House M.D. 6×20 Baggage
From the story-telling POV I loved the episode. The way it was told, the way they changed the scenery and how they interwove House’s session with his memories or assumptions.
And the ending is just sad because it feels like House is giving up and no good can come out of this.

Justified 1×08 Blowback
It’s no new character trait to him. He always spoke quiet and polite to his opponents in the previous episodes. But I really liked how they made an entire episode out of it and he didn’t even had to shoot anyone.

Justified 1×09 Hatless
And another episode I enjoyed, especially with everyone pointing out that he’s not wearing his huge hat. πŸ˜‰

LOST 6×15 Across the Sea
I have to say, I was a bit disappointed of this episode. Because even if it pretended in doing so, it didn’t actually answer any questions (except for the unimportant ones). For example: Now we know who the skeletons are. Wow. That was the question I’ve been dying to get an answer for. And they used a sledgehammer to make that point (when did the LOST viewer ever need an actual memory-flashback to connect the dots?).
But it didn’t answer the important questions: Why was bother-without-name not allowed to leave the island – even before he became Smokey? And more to the point: If I understood it correctly, he didn’t even become Smokey. Smokey was something Jacob released when he killed his brother.
So far I was under the impression that Smokey wasn’t allowed to leave the island because that would be bad for the world (and probably is). But with b-w-n’s back-story that doesn’t make much sense anymore, does it?
And how did b-w-n know the things he knew, especially what a wooden wheel could do with a subterranean glowy thingy.
Also: When did that happen? I’m no Bones, but I would guess that bones that lay out in the open (even if it’s in a cave) would decompose eventually. For me it seems unlikely that they would even outlast the time Richard has already been there.

How I Met Your Mother 5×22 Robots Vs. Wrestlers
Sometimes I think I watch this show out of pure habit. It isn’t as funny as it used to be, especially since Ted doesn’t seem to move forward anymore. Granted, I liked it how he enjoyed this party – it was within Ted’s character. But there doesn’t seem to be a lasting consequence. It was just a one-episode gag.
And to be perfectly honest, I didn’t like it at all that the gang always interrupted him with their infantile fart noises.

Party Down 2×03 Nick DiCintio’s Orgy Night
Blunt and honest as always. Liked it.

Smallville 9×21 Salvation
Great finale, if you ask me. A cool yet short super-powered fight and then a really good man-to-man without powers. I also liked the JSA/JLA cameos, even though not all of them were there (Impulse, Aquaman, Zatanna).
And I really liked how Clark inadvertently spoke the same sentence to Lois that the Blur said to her a few episodes ago. But I also believe that he must have known that she’d figure it out when he kissed her. After all, it was the same way she figured out he was Fake Green Arrow in 6×14 Crimson.
I just hope they don’t pull another amnesia joker out of their lower backs.

Supernatural 5×21 Two Minutes to Midnight
I really like the notion that Death is by default above all this petty rivalry and if you really think about it, who Death is, then it makes absolutely sense. Thus I liked that he simply gave Dean his ring and even explained how they work exactly.

Supernatural 5×22 Swan Song
I’m at peace with both endings. Sam sacrificing himself and pulling Michael with him, thus ending the rivalry (at least on Earth) and Dean keeping his promise to both Death and Sam.
I honestly could have lived with that as a series ending and liked the way Chuck told the story about the brothers and the ’67 Impala.
The only question that remains now is, was Chuck God? Or was he simply just a prophet and got some kind of reward in the end?

And since there is a sixth season and we’ve already seen a being that looked strangely familiar I take it that Sam got an honourable discharge from the service. It might be possible that I’m wrong, but I think that he will be regular Sam because Eric Kripke stated that this whole five season arc would end with this episode.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1×11 / 1×12 / 1×13 Old Wounds / Revelations / Kill Them All
Just when I was about to say that they eased up on the blood, the finale comes along and with it the biggest slaughter of them all (the episode title can be taken quite literally). Let’s just say not many people from the first season cast will be seen again in the second season…
Everything considered I’d say the adjective best describing this new show would be “interesting”, in all the facets that word can be used. “Bloodporn” would be a noun describing the show. I promise, there is a story in it and it’s not that bad but one must decide for oneself if the main dish is worth all the toppings.

Two and a Half Men 7×20 I Called Him Magoo
$1000/day hooker is still cheaper than marriage. Says Charlie Harper. Charlie Sheen pays his ex-wife Denise Richards $1,643.83/day. Is it just me or is this show getting more meta with every episode in the recent season? Or has it always been this way and Charlie S. just wasn’t so much in the news?

Doctor Who 5×07 ***’* ******
I hadn’t read the episode title during the opening credits and to honest I’m glad I didn’t and I think it’s a bit spoilerific. Of course all Doctor Who titles are a bit spoilerific (What to expect from Vampires in Venice?) bit I think in this particular case they could have been a bit more cryptic.
That being sad I can say I have figured out who this was all about long before it was remotely made clear in the episode itself.
Though I had thought it would end differently. I had thought the TARDIS reality was the first to vanish. My reasoning was that for all Companions the travel with the TARDIS are a wonderful dream come true. But one day, inevitably, this dream must come to an end; the Companion awakes in the real world again. This will be true for Amy, just as it was for Sarah Jane, Rose, Martha, Donna and all the others who travelled with the Doctor at one time or another.
But I also have to admit, I didn’t figured out who the Dream Lord was, for a moment I assumed it was a shadow of the Master or something like that.
PS: I enjoyed it very much.

The Good Wife 1×20 Mock
The People vs. HΓ€nsel & Gretel. Great choice. I also liked the skateboard stunt in the beginning. Otherwise it was an average episode.
PS: Can someone help me out here: Who exactly was the redhead at the beginning of the episode?

The Good Wife 1×21 Unplugged
It had to end this way. Since it’s a show about her and it’s unlikely that she will change firms and introduce an entire batch of new co-characters it always had to be her in the end. Ironically, it’s the same for the character of Cary as well as his actor. Unless of course they’ll find a way to keep both around (I haven’t sneak-peaked).
And that Eli would come to collect was also no surprise for me (that it was a surprise for her was a surprise for me, she shouldn’t have been that naΓ―ve).

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